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ABOUT KZ Organics


KZ Organics was founded in the autumn of 2021 after founder Kloe was dealing with 18 months of Long Covid, Sense loss and Parosmia as a long-term complication. 

Looking at the health shops, pharmacies and beauty stores for suitable products she was amazed that nothing was suitable in terms of both smell and texture and the lack of research into sense loss and parosmia was minimal despite it being one of our major senses. 

Kloe started to look for formulas which were suitable and then KZ Organics was born focusing on the scent and texture of the product then ensuring that it fulfils the purpose of skincare. 

We are currently open to testing our products with 100 people in the sense loss and parosmia community to record the data. Alongside our story, our products are also enjoyed by mass market being vegetarian, cruelty free, paraben and sulphate free with organic ingredients.

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