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Meaningful Relationships

Our mission is to develop meaningful relationships with both charities, communities and businesses that will have a greater impact on people, places and planet.

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Applying Face Cream


Forming our range from sense loss we believe that it's important to raise awareness of Sense Loss and Parosmia across our platform being the only skincare company built upon loss and change within scent. When you are faced with Parosmia or similar conditions whether through injury or illness it can be a scary time with very limited information available. It is common that products on the high street aren't useable anymore and everything which you had known and trusted has changed, often overnight. We built KZ Organics based on what was useable and not available within the high street. 


Fifth Sense is the charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders.  Our vision is to transform society’s understanding of the importance of the senses of smell and taste, and through doing so transform the lives of those affected by smell and taste disorders.


We provide support, information and a signpost to potential diagnosis and treatment to people affected by these conditions. We play a leading role in educating society on the importance of smell and taste to our lives and what it means to experience impairment of one or both of these senses.  We also support and facilitate patient-driven research in to smell and taste disorders through the Fifth Sense Research Hub.

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